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Katherine Adancik reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

My grandsons really like the time they spend working with Sensei. He works well with the kids with both strictness and compassion. I liked the women's self defense class!

Amy Ratliff reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

We have been under Mike's instruction for nearly a year. My husband and daughter are both completely engulfed in karate, and they are excelling with Sensai. I highly recommend this dojo, if you want to learn AND have a great time!

Sara Tzintzun reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

My son has always wanted to join a karate class. It was fate when one day he won two weeks free at a carnival. It was also the perfect timing being that he was at a new school and was falling behind in class. He didn't have many friends and was sad due to family issues. I didn't know what to expect at Guido's Martial Arts Academy but I was hoping for the best. The way everyone welcomes you right from the very beginning is incredible. They made us feel right at home. Overall, my sons behavior and school work have improved drastically. Even the level of respect that he shows to everyone is just amazing. He has gained so many new friends and now doesn't want to leave the dojo!! I am so thankful I found this place! It's a hidden gem for sure!!

Robert G Farmer reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Guido's Martial Arts Academy in my opinion the best place for you and your kids in the Central Valley and perhaps all of California. Both of my kids train there and Sensei Mike Guido has taught them much more than martial arts they have learned leadership, conference, responsibility kindness dedication team building skills collaboration good sportsmanship just to name a few. I would highly recommend Guido's Martial Arts Academy to any friend family or complete stranger it is the best. It builds more than just Champions. It creates role models and the future leaders of our community

Dawn Adams reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

For the past six years, Sensei Mike Guido has been this amazing and powerful influence in my son's life. He has helped to mold and guide him into the fabulous young man that he is through the unique curriculum taught at Guido's Martial Arts Academy.

Not only does Sensei Mike teach martial arts; he teaches the kids about integrity, respect, discipline and to give back to the community. His positive attitude is infectious and the environment is relaxing.

And parents, he teaches adults as well and the lessons he teaches to the young ones can and does help the adults in the personal and professional lives.

In my opinion, this is THE dojo to check out! There are many amazing students there; a testament to this man's tireless efforts.

Chastity Day reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Guido's Martial arts is unlike any martial arts academy you will encounter. Two of my children attend and it has changed them for the better. They are more confident, respectful, and responsible. This dojo does not just teach karate; it is a family-centered, community involved, and character building dojo. At this dojo I have come to realize that the instructors are not just concerned about teaching karate, but they are dedicated to all aspects of their students, inside and outside of the dojo. This is hands down the best investment that you can make for your children. See you soon!

Melissa Blum Gray reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Two of my boys have been attending for less than 3 months and I have seen so much improvement in their confidence and behavior in such a short time. Not only are they benefiting from the physical activity, focus, and learning respect, but the mentorship Sensei Guido provides is invaluable. Having someone else who speaks positivity, encouragement, and hard work into their lives is so important. He reinforce so many values we teach at home, and having the coolest person they know to back up parents' values, is worth it's weight in gold.

Ashton Patendis reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

My kids have only been going a couple weeks, but I am already inspired to leave a review. This place rocks. The instructors are positive, helpful, and encouraging while also finding a healthy balance of teaching discipline, personal responsibility, and life skills. They are all about hard work and earning your way, but the kids have so much fun at the same time. I'm so grateful to have help teaching my children these important values. And they know their martial arts. This place is the real deal. The proof can be found looking at the students that are working towards their black belt- impressive skills, but even more impressive ATTITUDES. I'm so glad to have found this place. Thank you Guido's family.

Jennifer Butler Terrazas reviewed Guido's Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

A very impressive first time class for my four year old daughter. She was assigned a buddy to help her thru the class and let me tell you, her buddy ( Dylan- maybe 9 or 10) was respectful and very supportive. Moreover, I think everyone under this roof encouraged each other whether a student or trainer. There is no doubt that I will recommend Guido’s Martial Arts Academy to any parent that wants their child to grow in self-confidence, be respectful, gain physical agility and build strong bonds with their peers.

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How Martial Arts Changed my Life

How martial arts changed my life!


Martial Arts has been a major part of my life since I was 7 years old.  I can still remember to this day my very first class.  The weather was breezy, the sun was coming down over the horizon and I had no clue what I was doing.  The very first block I learned was a rising block and I remember my instructor attacking me with a hammer fist to the head.  Sounds a bit scary but I remember I never got hit that day.  I was super focused and blocked every single technique he threw at me.  When it came to push ups however I was not as successful.  The day was filled with triumph as well as failure, but I came back to the next class.  If never would have continued and I wouldn’t be here right now writing this story.

Martial Arts over the years has taught me so many life lessons and I’d love to share these with you.

  1. Self Confidence

As young boy I was the “fat kid”.  Somehow I always got picked last for every basketball or kickball game.  When we played dodge ball I was always the first kid to get hit in the face.  There was always that one kid who thought it would be funny to make fun of my last name rhyming it with Cheetoe, Burrito, Dorrito or anything else that rhymed with Guido. So, obviously my self confidence was at an all time low.  Martial Arts taught me to believe in myself.  I’ll never forget running into a childhood bully at the local Vons.  He made his way toward me with that arrogant look in his eyes.  Only this time something was different.  I was different.  He began his normal pushing routine, only this time I looked him in his eyes and told him to “Back off!”.  He began to make a move to attack me and I though a roundhouse straight to his mouth.  The look of shock on his face was priceless.  It wasn’t a hard kick.  It wasn’t meant to harm him but to make him lose interest.  Mission accomplished!

From that day on, I never got picked on again.  I believed in myself!

After I received my Black Belt, whenever I was faced with an obstacle, I reminded myself that I can accomplish anything.  I’m a Black Belt!

2.  Self Control

This area is always a work in progress and is practiced daily.  As an adult, we are faced with moments throughout our day which test our patience.  Moments where anger and frustration can take over our emotions.  Martial Arts has taught me to treat those moments like the movie FROZEN.  “Let it go! Let it go…” There are many moments of frustration during a martial artists journey.  Failure is easy because martial arts is challenging.  This is the main reason why so many people quit before achieving Black Belt.  It’s during these times of struggle where we learn as martial artists to keep picking ourselves up and to keep moving forward.  Learning how to control ones emotions helps us through these crazy moments in our life.

3.  Focus

From the time we’re able to walk, we all have to focus on the task at hand.  Whether you’re a 3 year old having to look both ways when crossing the street with mommy or an 8 year old taking a multiplication test in school, focusing on the task at hand is a skill which must be learned and developed over time.  In Martial Arts class growing up I had to pay attention to the instructor, focus on my target when kicking and most importantly stay focused on my partner when sparring.  Developing this high level of focused has made me a better driver, has allowed me to stay focused on the task at hand and stay focused on my goals in life.

4.  Goal Setting

One of the first major goal in martial arts is achieving the rank of Black Belt.  I remember as a kid, all I ever wanted was to finally reach Black Belt.  This was no easy feat.  Martial Arts has a built in goal setting structure unlike any other program.  The belt rank system is designed to keep students focused on small goals (yellow belt, orange belt, blue belt etc.) in order to reach that major goal of Black Belt.  Now, as an adult, setting goals isn’t something different.  Setting goals is just part of my DNA.  Set, make a plan and execute

5.  Self Defense 

This is by far the coolest skill martial arts has taught me.  Talk about confidence! I can humbly say, “I fear no one”.  Now please don’t take this in an arrogant way.  I am just confident enough to walk down the street with my family and know that if someone tries to harm us, we WILL be coming home that night instead of going to the morgue.

6. Character Development

There are times in our life when we are faced to make a decision.  It’s those decisions which take our lives down different paths.  Since martial arts is NOT an activity but a LIFESTYLE, we are reminded daily of the importance of Integrity, Respect and Courtesy.  Growing up in my early years, these principles were not taught to me.  I made many mistakes as a young man because character wasn’t reinforced.  As I grew older and I began to learn from many different martial arts teachers who reinforced “Character over technique”.  That principle is what has catapulted me into the instructor I am today as well as every student and Instructor at Guido’s Martial Arts Academy

As you can see, there are so many lessons to be learned in Martial Arts.  Here at Guido’s my goal is to be able to pass down these lessons to our students and the next generation of Guidos instructors.  Inspiring our community to strive and live their best life.

Please visit our Academy anytime. Try a class or just pop in for some positive vibes!

~Mike Guido, Renshi